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in 2010, a tragic event occurred at Seaworld Orlando. Tilikum, the largest Orca to be in captivity, attacked, mauled, and killed senior trainer Dawn Brancheau during an afternoon “Dine with Shamu” show in front of a traumatized audience. Ever since this horrific event, a lot of legal issues have arisen from the practice of waterworks, where trainers enter the water  and swim with the captive killer whales. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has gotten involved, and currently there is still continuing court issues going on right now. Since Dawn’s death, waterworks has been stopped at all three Seaworld parks. Regulations for preventing them from entering the water have also been placed.

Despite this, the Miami Seaquarium continues to put its trainers at risk by allowing them to swim with Lolita during shows. ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund) has sent a letter to OSHA arguing that the “General Duty Clause” should apply to all US marine parks, not just Seaworld. Along with this, the letter also requests that OSHA looks into safety regulations at the Seaquarium, and pleads that they ensure that the Miami Seaquarium maintains a safe distance between trainers and Lolita during shows.

Waterworks are nothing but dangerous stunts to please the crowds. There is no benefit for the Orcas by having a trainer dive into their tank and stand on their backs. This practice is not only highly dangerous to trainers and puts them at a risk for severe injury and death, it also is degrading to the animal. To stand on the nose of an Orca, or ride on their back screams human domination. There is no educational value to this, and all in all, waterwork is just downright illogical. The top predator of the ocean should be treated just that, not as a cuddly teddy bear, because people have and will get hurt from it.

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Ingrid Visser is one of the most highly respected and credible Orca researchers in the scientific world. She is the founder of the Orca Research Trust, an organization that is dedicated to protecting and studying Orcas, particularly the New Zealand population. Along with making groundbreaking scientific discoveries, Ingrid is also highly involved in promoting the anti-captivity agenda. She recently has traveled to Miami to pay a visit to Lolita and check up on her situation.

This video that Ingrid published gives insight into what Lolita’s life in solitary confinement is really like. Please watch this video in order to educate yourself, as well as share so that others can become more aware of why Lolita needs to be rehabilitated and released back into her family and natural habitat in the wild. Her cause is nothing without support from people like you, so please speak out for her!

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On October 10th, there was yet another protest outside of the gates of the infamous Miami Seaquarium, rallying for Lolita’s release. The turnout was great, and there were a lot of energetic and optimistic participators. View a video of the protest here.

Protesting outside of the Seaquarium is vital to the cause, as having people at the physical site creates an idea of how much people really do oppose how Lolita is being treated. Protests also help to generate awareness about her plight to the many unknowing passerby’s that come by the Seaquarium each day. Even if the tourists continue to pass through the gates and pay for their ticket, the seed has been planted that there is a possibility of something not being right. That in itself is enough to change one’s way of thinking. The very best tool we have for freeing Lolita and ending Orca captivity in general is education. When people are aware of the cruelty of cetacean captivity, they tend to avoid it.

Thank you so much to these dedicated faces who are standing up for Lolita. You all are doing a fabulous job, and each protest guides the movement a step closer to giving Lolita something she more-than deserves: Freedom.

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All these events are rain or shine held on Saturday May 15, 2010 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, please make your own posters : )

if you want the official shirts of this International Day of Protest for Lolita’s Retirement you can go to:

Remember you can get your T-shirts for the International Day of Protest for Lolita’s (and other captive cets) Retirement here:

No pressure to buy them, we just thought they looked cute : )

Saturday May 15, 2010
12-2 PM in front of the Miami Seaquarium
Contact information on
Pleae bring or make a poster, if you can (if not we’ll have some on hand)
Leaflets will be provided. This demo will run rain or shine.

Saturday May 15, 2010
1-3 PM at the Watertower at Chicago and Michigan Ave
Call or email Niki for further information or 312 351 2647
Please bring or make a poster, if you can (if not we’ll have some on hand)
Leaflets will be provided. This demo will run rain or shine.

Kayak for Lolita in Penn Cove on May 15th
Park at DNR lot just west of Capt. Whidbey Inn and launch about 5pm, when the tide is coming up, it should be at about 10′ at 5pm, coming up to 11′9″ at 8:11pm.
The idea is to paddle out to the actual scene of the capture, between the Capt. Whidbey and the Penn Cove shellfish dock, with a banner or two between kayaks.
Canoes or small boats could also join us.
For more info contact:

KEY WEST, FLORIDA: Kathy Watkins
May 15th
Mallory Square 12-2pm
Please bring a sign or poster with you!

Outside of Seaworld San Diego
When: 10AM-12PM
Contact Info:
Cell number: (951) 318-9851
Please bring a sign or poster with you!

PORTLAND, OREGON: Rae Marie Wilson
Waterfront Park at Saturday Market location 12-2
Please bring a sign or poster with you!

Demo will be in Berkeley CA from 12-2pm
We will walk from the Berkeley Marina to Civic Center Park
Contact Wendy @ 510-375-1143 or or
Please bring a sign or poster with you!

PITTSBURGH, PA: Amanda Young-Comstock
Saturday, May 15, 2010
12:00pm – 2:00pm
Point State Park – Pittsburgh, PA
Contact Info: or facebook Amanda Young-Comstock
Please bring a sign or poster with you!

A quarter to 12 the people will gather at the train station and we will walk towards the ambassade of the USA. There we will demonstrate until 2, and will reach out flyers in the centre of The Hague until 4.
The best way to contact me is by e-mail:, also when people want to join, I really would like to know if they are interested.
Please bring a sign or poster with you!

Demo held in: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Event Details: 15th of May, 1pm to 2pm, Federation Square
Best way to contact: Email
Please bring a sign with you! :-]

Demo: Olympia, WA USA
Park on Water Street, across the street from Traditions Café
10 AM to 2 PM
Cell phone: 509-669-1549
Please bring a sign or poster with you!

Ocean Activists United:
When: May 15th, 2010
Where: Yonge-Dundas Sqaure
Time: 1pm to 3pm
Contact OAU Leader: Bob Timmons & Helen Prancic at
Please bring protest signs!

Time: May 14, 2010 from 11am to 1pm
Location: Central Train Station
Street: cnr Edward and Ann streets
City/Town: brisbane
Organized By: Robyn Price email:
Please bring protest signs!

May 15, 2010 from 12-2PM
Bonita Beach
email: for more info.
Please bring a sign with you!

(a big thank you to Vicky Cruz and Nathalie Torres from the UPS store for donating 100 flyers each, and to Cecil’s Copy Express for donating 1000!)

May 15, 2010 from 12-1PM
Westlake Park Downtown Seattle, corner of 4th and Pine St. by the fountain
for more info contact:
Please bring a sign!

NOTE: This demo is on MAY 16 – NOT MAY 15! This is on SUNDAY!
Sunday, May 16th
12pm – 3pm
Capitol Building Lawn
Corner of State St and Eagle St. Albany, NY
Contact info:
Please bring your own signs!

Saturday May 15th from 12-2PM
on the corner of Marina Jacks near the Huge Sailor Statue in Sarasota. A high Traffic tourist area.
For more info contact “Candace Gee” on facebook or at 941-539-9609
Please bring your own signs!

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: Tetiana Demchuk
Saturday May 15, 2010 (time and location within the city): 12 -17 pm, downtown (to be confirmed)
best way to contact: Facebook – Tania Demchuk;
Please bring signs.

Saturday May 15th from 12-1PM
Atlantic City Boardwalk in front of Tropicana Casino
I will pay your parking fee if you park in Tropicana Hotel and Casino if you see me and give me your email address and carry a poster.
For more info contact: or Typo Zonies on facebook.
Please bring posters that you’ve made!

TOLEDO, OHIO: Amber Sadowski
Saturday May 15, 2010 from 12-1:30PM
Start point: 647 dearborn Ave.
For more info contact amber @
Please bring your own demonstration board signs

Saturday May 15, 2010 from 12 – 2 pm
Pier 39, at the entrance near Embarcadero and Stockton St.
For more info contact or 415.279.8997
Posters/signs will be provided, but hand-made signs are also encouraged.

In front of Sea Life Park
41-202 Kalanianaole Hwy
Waimanalo, HI 96795
May 15th from 10AM-12PM
for more info contact Tori Cullins @
Please make a sign to bring!

Saturday May 15th from 12-2PM
Place: street corner in downtown Victoria (traditional “Stop the Seal Slaughter” corner)
Intersection of Government and View Street:,1.292885&hl=en
My gmail for this event is
Victoria is on Lolita’s home waters, home to the Southern Residents.
Please make a sign to bring!

Saturday May 15th from 9:30am-12 noon
Spring Street Landing area – Rain or Shine!!
My email is
Make a sign, if you can or just come to show your support! Some extra signs will be on hand.

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND: Andrea Gauzza-Langlie
Saturday May 15th from 12-2PM
On the plaza in front of the Baltimore (National) Aquarium
My email address is cell number# 301-641-4606
Please make a sign to bring!!

Saturday May 15th from 12-2PM
In front of SeaWorld Orlando Entrace and (727)213-7163
Saturday May 15 from 12-2PM
At Union Square Park at 14th Street, NYC.
more info:

May 15 SAT 2:00 pm
Sedition Books Screening of Orca Captivity Film “LOLITA: SLAVE TO ENTERTAINMENT”
on International Protest Day for her Retirement
The award-winning documentary film, LOLITA: SLAVE TO ENTERTAINMENT, explaining the cruelty behind marine mammal parks, will be shown Saturday 2 pm at Sedition Books – 901 Richmond Ave, as part of an International day of protest against captivity and a call to retire the longest held Orca whale back to her family in the wild. Learn the whole story at and come out to view the the film Saturday 2 PM at Sedition Books. For details visit or call (832) 380-HART.

Saturday, May 15
Government and View Street
12-2 pm
Victoria BC


Saturday May 15th from 12-2Pm

Santa Monica Pier Entrance – Northwest corner of Ocean Ave at Colorado Ave.

Directions to the Santa Monica Pier:

for more info contact: Brigitte Bard on facebook

PS: If you attend lease be sure to take photos!!

I will keep this post constantly updated as I get more info in!

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International Protest Saturday May 15, 2010 for Miami Seaquarium Orca Lolita Retirement –

May 15th starting at noon a protest will be held all over the world with a division here in Miami, Florida to raise awareness about Seaquarium Orca, Lolita.  Over thirty different cities and countries have signed up to be part of the massive collaboration to show the Miami Seaquarium along with other marine mammal parks and the world that Orcas do not belong in captivity.  One of our protests held on October 11, 2008 generated national media attention for the Orca when a four minute segment was aired on CNN Headline news.  In collaboration with Orca Network invite fellow residents and media to come out and support this cause. We hope to see Lolita retired back into a sea pen in her native Pacific North West waters where she will be taken care of for the rest of her life unless she chooses to rejoin her pod that lives there as well.

She has been living in an illegal tank at the Seaquarium for the last 39 years, and has taken a backseat to the newly developed swim with the dolphins program. This backseat has raised controversy as to why she shouldn’t be retired, because the Seaquarium is not allowed and won’t build her a bigger tank.  Surrounding the controversy with the rising number of orca attacks at Sea World, she could be the first of a new generation of orcas being retired back to their natural habitat

If retired she will initially reside in a generously sized “bay-pen” where she will be fed, taken care of and slowly reintroduced back into the wild. After rehabilitation it will be her choice to continue to live in the “bay-pen” or leave to rejoin her pod.

In 1970 Lolita was captured in Penn Cove. Since then, much controversy has surrounded the safety of the Seaquraium’s actions with their animals. Hugo, an Orca captured 2 years earlier from the same pod as Lolita, killed himself at the Seaquarium in 1980 by bashing his head off of the illegal tank; after showing strong signs of depression. Many have offered more than what Lolita’s insurance policy is worth for her retirement, but Owner Arthur Hertz of the Seaquarium has yet to agree. The concern is from coast to coast on an animal that has done her time in living quarters to small and arguably unsafe conditions for patrons to view in this dated arena.


Saturday May 15, 2010 from 12PM-2PM in front of the parking lot entrance to the Miami Seaquarium.

Makes signs if you can, leaflets and signs will also be provided.  This event will go on rain or shine.

Also, here’s a list of city captains. If your city isn’t listed or you need contact information for your city leader, contact me at Save Lolita!

City Captains for Lolita:

  1. Chicago: Niki
  2. Miami: myself
  3. NE Florida: Venus
  4. Whidbey Island, WA: Howard and
  5. Olympia, WA: Pat
  6. Vancouver: Rachel
  7. Denver: Lauren
  8. Berkeley, CA:
  9. Amsterdam: Ingrid van

10.  Pittsburgh, PA: Amanda

11.  Whakatane, New Zealand:

12.  Toledo, Ohio:

13.  Philadelphia, PA:

14.  San Diego, CA:

15.  Stockholm, Sweden: Ewakajsa

16.  San Fransico, CA: Kim

17.  Toronto, Canada: Bob

18.  Vancouver Island:

19.  Glen Falls (Albany), New York: Jessica Ryle

20.  Belgian: Noortje

21.  Budapest, Hungary: Tatiana

22.  Orchard Park (Buffalo), New York: Kimberly

23.  St. Lois, Missouri: Sarah Garvin

24.  Key West: Kathy Watkins

25.  Portland, Oregon: Rae Wilson

26. Traverse City, Michigan: Bailey Hanson

27.  Minneapolis, Minnesota: Christine Swindell

28.  Melbourne, Australia: Gwen Williams

29.  Indianapolis, Indian: Leighann Shropshire

30.  Seattle, Washington: Dianna Comstock

31.  Houston, Texas: Amanda and Brian Petrie

32. Sarasota (Bradenton), Florida: Candice Gee (contact via Facebook)

33. Fort Meyers/Naples, Florida: Blakeleigh McEwan

34. Brisbane, Australia: Robyn Price

35. Rome, Italy: Ilaria Ferri (contact via Facebook)

36. Akron, Ohio: Rick Ashline

37. Waimanalo, Hawaii: Wild Dolphin Foundation

38. Victoria, BC, Canada: Diane McNally:

39. New York City, New York: Edda Ness:

40. Friday Harbor, Washington: Debbi Fincher

41. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND: Andrea Gauzza-Langlie

42. Orlando, Florida: Tommy Mason

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-Yesterday, the 14th, was the 39th year that Lolita has spent in the Miami Seaquarium, we must do something about that!

The last time I visited Lolita she seemed agitated and hot.  I think the temperatures getting up into the high 90’s when humidity was factored in, got to her.  She was very slow in the show, and it took a few times for her to follow her commands most of the time.  It was one of the most “forced” shows that I have seen her preform in, she didn’t seem like she wanted to do anything but eat.  Though, at the end she came up so close to me that she almost knocked my camera into her tank.  It was quite a special moment : )

(you can see pictures from this visit at

Let’s keep hoping that the hurricanes stay far away because the Seaquarium doesn’t have an evacuation procedure for Lolita.

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Cruelty-Free Places to Visit in Miami – Alternatives to visiting Miami Seaquarium:



Historical Museum of Southern Florida: See more than a million historical photos, maps, journal pages, and antiques from old Florida. Discover this interesting state’s long and exciting past, as well as that of the Caribbean. Special events and exhibits for children and families! 


Wannado City: A theme park for children (aimed at ages 3-14) where they can do what they Wannado! Go on rides, see exciting shows, and let kids’ imaginations run wild with “real-play venues and career possibilities” in the many thrilling exhibits.


Everglades Safari Park and Rides: See alligators, turtles, fish, marine birds, deer, and dozens of other animals. Take a 30-45 minute Airboat ride through the famous Florida Everglades! See an educational presentation about wildlife. Stroll along a scenic boardwalk trail to view animals up close! Located just 35 minutes away from Miami, an hour from Fort Lauderdale. 


Miami Balloon Rides: Take a breath-taking hot air balloon ride over Miami, Biscayne Bay, the Everglades, and the Miami Redlands.


Butterfly World: Largest butterfly park in the world. For over 20 years, more than 10,000 butterflies of 50+ species have been available for the public to view and interact with. Also includes a hummingbird and parrot aviary.


Miami Science Museum: See more than 35 fun, interactive, educational exhibits about music, nature, art and more! Visit the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to see local animals being treated and the Planetarium to view the sky or a special laser show.


Dolphin Mall: Miami’s largest shopping center with over 250 stores, as well as dining and entertainment venues, including several movie theaters, Dave & Buster’s and a bowling alley. Five miles west of the Miami Airport. 


Thriller Speedboat Tours: Take an exciting speedboat tour through Biscayne Bay, Port of Miami and along Miami Beach. See celebrity mansions and the Florida Lighthouse, as well as wildlife. 


Biscayne National Park: See birds, fish, and other amazing marine animals in their natural habitats. Take a glass bottom boat tour, kayak tour, or a scuba diving trip from this beautiful park! Visit the Park Center to go to the museum, art gallery, and educational discovery room. Located on the East end of SW 328th Street. 


Bayside Marketplace: Browse through more than 150 stands and stores, right along the ocean. Find clothing, artwork, souvenirs, snacks, jewelry and more! Nearby to 14 restaurants and outdoor entertainment! Located on Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami. 


Children’s Museum: Explore 14 amazing interactive galleries (all bilingual). Exhibits include a two-story “sandcastle of dreams,” a 32-foot rock climbing wall, a kid-sized play supermarket, hospital and bank. Daily arts and crafts for the whole family. 


Miami Art Museum: Thousands of interesting and unique sculptures, paintings, and interactive exhibits by artists such as Ana Mendieta and Morris Louis.


Crandon Park: Named one of the top ten beaches in the nation. Take ride on the old-fashioned carousel by the ocean, play amongst dozens of marine play sculptures, skate in the outdoor roller rink and sit by the seahorse shaped fountain. Located on Crandon Boulevard in Key Biscayne.


Fairchild Botanical Garden: Stroll among 83 beautiful acres of plants from around the world in one of the most renowned botanical gardens. See dozens of collections such as The Rainforest and The National Palm and Cycad Collection. Take an educational, narrated (in English or Spanish) tram tour through the park. Visit the butterfly exhibit, lunch café and gift shop. 


Fruit and Spice Park: One of the only of its kind in the United States – walk among 35 astonishing acres of more than 500 rare fruits, spices, trees, vegetables and flowers. Includes gift shop, tours available.


Gold Coast Railroad Museum: See dozens of old, historical trains – including the Ferdinand Magellan, made for President Franklin Roosevelt – and interactive educational exhibits. Take real train rides on the weekends! 12450 SW 152nd Street.

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As you know Lolita needs all the help she can get.  Take the time to write a small email to the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).  Just go to:

and select “report animal cruelty” in the drop box and tell them that Lolita is kept in an illegal sized tank at the Miami Seaquarium with two pacific white sided dolphins.  Tell them that a retirement plan has been set up by The Center for Whale Research and she needs to get out of that tiny tank before it’s too late for her. Tell your friends and family to do the same!

Thank you for taking the time to help save Lolita.

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