Come and join us immediately following the March for a night under the Miami stars with the stars that support Lolita’s freedom.

100% of proceeds going to The Orca Network & Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.

Stay Tune as the line up of great warriors for Lolita increases.

Ric O’Barry, Leilani Munter, Howard Garrett, Lincoln O’Barry Dr. Naomi Rose, Peggy Oki , Jerry Powers, artist; founder, OCEAN DRIVE MAGAZINE… ..and others!

►Entertainment by: Robynne Kaamil and Jerry Wurster

►Countdown Timer:

►Dress Code: Casual night elegance. Please dress accordingly. No Flip-flops. (Pair of jeans, blouse or t-shirt from the events are OK) You can stay and continue to enjoy after our event is over.

$10 cover at the door. Proceeds going to Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project and Orca Network. General Admission and VIP Tickets ($50.00) can be purchased at the Ecojoia booth at the Miracle March.

Generously the Ball & Chain will be donating a percentage of sales on The Lolita Mojita which is the signature drink for this amazing event.

Stay tuned as we up date our outstanding stars for a wonderful night to raise awareness for the plight of dolphins and orcas in captivity. You don’t want to miss this., Jerry Powers, artist; founder, OCEAN DRIVE MAGAZINE.



ArtHouse 429 will be holding a fundraiser for Lolita and the Orca Network during their 2 year anniversary opening! This comes at a great time since it’s just two days before the first ever Miracle March for Lolita, the biggest event ever held for a whale in captivity to date. As most of you know, Lolita has been enslaved at the Miami Seaquarium for over 44 years in the smallest tank in North America. The goal of this fundraiser is to help the Orca Network with the funds needed for her release, and hopefully her retirement plan. Our very special guest and founder of the Orca Network Howard Garrett will be making an appearance during the event!!!

Come join us for new art, music, drinks, and bikini models :-)

This is a great cause so be sure to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE on facebook and invite all of your friends!!

For more information on Lolita visit:

Miracle March Info:

A huge event is planned for Lolita Saturday January 17th from 8:00AM-4:30PM at historic Virginia Key Beach Park

Per the facebook page: get more details-

This will be an historic day held in a historic park, a park that was used ironically for segregation of the blacks from the whites back in 1950 and 1960. On this day we will stand on this ground together no matter what race or ethnicity you are, brothers and sisters in the fight to free a black and white slave, to free a tortured soul of 44 years, who has been segregated from her family and her environment that she has a right to. We stand to Free Lolita, a captured, tortured, intelligent, family oriented being who has earned her right to be released back to the waters and family that she came from. She calls out daily to her family and hears no response, but everyday for 44 years she has called out waiting for the response to come. We are going to be that response for her on January 17th, 2015. It will be a day to show the world and nation that we are strong in numbers, it will be a day that we can gather, have a festival in Lolita’s name.
Follow the link below to her retirement plan, it is a solid plan and she is in remarkable health, all others captured during the siege on the Puget Sound in Washington all dead except for her. Lolita (Tokitae) is in this world to teach humanity a lesson on kindness, love, tolerance and respect for all species and their domains. To come together to be her voice and to stand for a non-human person so special that she can touch your heart and soul.
Please be a part of this history with us. Let us stand together united and strong in our commitment for Lolita!














Hi Everyone,

 Saturday, May 24, 2014 – 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM Eastern Time at the Miami Seaquarium will be held the 2nd Annual Empty the Tanks Worldwide Event

This demonstration is a biggie, so please consider coming out to make a difference for Lolita and all captive marine mammals. Folks from cities all over the world have signed up to have similar demonstrations. RSVP below, or just come out.

2nd Annual Empty The Tanks Worldwide Event!

Link to Facebook Event:

Link to Meetup Event:

This is a day for everyone around the world to stand up against marine mammal captivity. The abuse and exploitation of these sentient beings has no place in the 21st century.

Lolita is coming up on 44 years in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium. 80+ dolphins have also died here!  There should be extra signs to hold, otherwise you can make and bring your own.

Make sure you park in the free areas that surround the SeaQuarium and not in the Miami Seaquarium owned lots. We’ll be meeting at the green dot shown in the photo below.

miami sea prison

Good article from our friends at Earthjustice!

and here is a link to her release plan:

See you there!!


Please take three minutes of your time today to make a big difference for Lolita the captive orca’s campaign for freedom.

As announced earlier this week (see Animal Legal Defense Fund coverage), the National Marine Fisheries Service made a proposal on 1/24/2014 to include Lolita under the Endangered Species Act. The Act, which has protected her family pod in the wild since 2005, would likely lead to mandatory better living conditions – and possible rehabilitation and release from Miami Seaquarium – if granted. A two month public comment period has opened on why this captive individual, Lolita the killer whale, should be listed as “endangered.”

Click the link below and then click “Comment Now!” on the right side of the screen to leave your polite, well-worded message for NOAA:!documentDetail;D=NOAA-NMFS-2013-0056-1841

Please try to touch on one or more of the below notes in your comment; simply saying “Free Lolita!” is not as helpful as creating a well-worded argument for her listing as endangered:

1. There is no significant risk to Lolita in at any point in the Orca Network’s detailed retirement proposal plan for her. Before any further steps, she would be assessed by a veterinary team to weigh in on her health. Transporting orcas via airplane is commonly done at aquariums globally and has not been found to result in serious health problems. Lolita would be housed in a sea-pen (netted-off portion of a cove) at first to allow her to readjust to life in the ocean. She would be taught how to capture live fish and allowed to interact with passing pods, if she chose to do so. (Lolita’s pod, the “L-pod”, has been well-studied for decades.)

2. A thorough examination will be conducted by a team of veterinarians and pathologists prior to transport to detect any potential communicable diseases. Assuming there are not, there will be no significant risk to any members of the wild orca populations or other marine life through her reintroduction.

3. Remaining in captivity will result in continuing mental/physical stresses and health problems. Abundant evidence, including peer-reviewed scientific publications, indicate that captivity increases mortality rates for orcas. Due to her loneliness from living without the companionship of another orca for over three decades, and due to her exposure to the midday Miami sun, and due to the incredibly small size of the tank for 40+ years, she is continually suffering as long as she remains in captivity.

Background on Lolita:

Captured off the coast of Seattle in 1970 as a two-year-old, Lolita is currently the oldest orca in captivity. During her time in captivity, she has been held in the smallest orca tank in North America at the Miami Seaquarium, with no shade from the blistering hot Miami sun, performing shows twice a day. She has not been housed with another orca since her companion, Hugo, died in 1980. Orcas are highly social, intelligent beings and many argue keeping Lolita in these conditions is abuse and neglect.

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Recently, the debate that the documentary “Blackfish” has stirred up about whether Orcas belong in captivity or not has brought a lot of attention not only to Seaworld, but to other Orcas in sub-standard conditions, such as Lolita. On a comment forum on a new pro-Seaworld article, an anonymous former Miami Seaquarium animal trainer under the username of “Evergreen” has lent some insight into the dismal life of Orcas Lolita and Hugo (Deceased).

Read her whole testimony here.

One particular statement he/she makes about Lolita is particularly heartbreaking:

Lolita, on the other hand, gave up long ago. She was (and I assume still is) very sweet but quite dull. She was like a person who has no opinions. She expertly did her shows and, in between shows, just floated in the tank quietly.

This statement proves what we already know- captivity has broken her spirit. Lolita may still be alive physically, but I believe her real self died long ago. She’s spent  so long in that dump, she’s earned her freedom.

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in 2010, a tragic event occurred at Seaworld Orlando. Tilikum, the largest Orca to be in captivity, attacked, mauled, and killed senior trainer Dawn Brancheau during an afternoon “Dine with Shamu” show in front of a traumatized audience. Ever since this horrific event, a lot of legal issues have arisen from the practice of waterworks, where trainers enter the water  and swim with the captive killer whales. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has gotten involved, and currently there is still continuing court issues going on right now. Since Dawn’s death, waterworks has been stopped at all three Seaworld parks. Regulations for preventing them from entering the water have also been placed.

Despite this, the Miami Seaquarium continues to put its trainers at risk by allowing them to swim with Lolita during shows. ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund) has sent a letter to OSHA arguing that the “General Duty Clause” should apply to all US marine parks, not just Seaworld. Along with this, the letter also requests that OSHA looks into safety regulations at the Seaquarium, and pleads that they ensure that the Miami Seaquarium maintains a safe distance between trainers and Lolita during shows.

Waterworks are nothing but dangerous stunts to please the crowds. There is no benefit for the Orcas by having a trainer dive into their tank and stand on their backs. This practice is not only highly dangerous to trainers and puts them at a risk for severe injury and death, it also is degrading to the animal. To stand on the nose of an Orca, or ride on their back screams human domination. There is no educational value to this, and all in all, waterwork is just downright illogical. The top predator of the ocean should be treated just that, not as a cuddly teddy bear, because people have and will get hurt from it.

Read more here

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Most of you by now know that Lolita was stolen from er family in the waters of the Pacific Northwest over 4 decades ago. These brutal practices have been since criticized by both anti-cap activists, Orca scientists, and even some captivity supporters. Thankfully, the public outcry that occurred from these captures in the 60’s and 70’s caused legal action to come about, and capturing dolphins and Orcas for entertainment purposes have since been banned in the United States. However, this does not mean that wild captures don’t still happen. In 2012, three Orcas were captured in Russia, and 2 have since died, leaving only one left. Her name is Narnia, and she’s currently in a Russian holding facility awaiting her permanent captive home as an entertainer. Her capture was an experiment. Russia soon issued a permit to capture 10 wild Orcas in their waters each year. Now, two more rounds of captures have occurred, and now there are currently 8 Orcas at the Russian facility. Different sources have released details about the captures, and what you read, you won’t be happy with. You can find the whole article here, but you’ll have to manually translate it using an online translator. Here’s one particular bit that is most concerning:

“Killer whales were caught in the Cape Perovskogo, in the western part of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk (50 kilometers south of the place of capture of Narnia). Serge network group orcas – adult male and female and a female teenager – and dragged (loop tail) dragged them to the shore, and then dragged to the aviary netting, set in the river. From fresh water orcas soon became ill and had to drag them back into the sea. In general, according to veterinarians, killer whales were in poor condition – thin, with ulcers on the skin. This year, the Far East was a very bad approach pink, say so, and seals and beluga whales were few. Maybe, just due to the poor condition of these animals.
From place of origin to the point of overexposure near Nakhodka week of killer whales were taken by truck. In the “dolphinarium” they come at a very bad condition, refused to eat.Coaches could not do anything, so they raskormila Narnia: she thrust her forcibly fish in his mouth and newcomer, after all, has ensured that all three began to eat.
Now, all four are in a cage. There are reports that two of them are planning to bring in November to Moscow at ENEA built aquarium, and seemingly ready for killer whales swimming pools. The other two, apparently planning to sell abroad – they already decorated CITES permit for export.”
Wild captures are still actively happening. Brutal techniques are still used. Animals are still dying at the expense of our amusement, and populations are being depleted. With all of the complex connections marine parks hold with each other, every facility is guilty in these captures. As long as people still buy tickets to marine parks like the Miami Seaquarium, Seaworld, and any other facility housing captive Orcas, there will always be more captures. The reason for these captures is demand, and as long as people are still paying to see these captives, the demand will always be there.

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Ingrid Visser is one of the most highly respected and credible Orca researchers in the scientific world. She is the founder of the Orca Research Trust, an organization that is dedicated to protecting and studying Orcas, particularly the New Zealand population. Along with making groundbreaking scientific discoveries, Ingrid is also highly involved in promoting the anti-captivity agenda. She recently has traveled to Miami to pay a visit to Lolita and check up on her situation.

This video that Ingrid published gives insight into what Lolita’s life in solitary confinement is really like. Please watch this video in order to educate yourself, as well as share so that others can become more aware of why Lolita needs to be rehabilitated and released back into her family and natural habitat in the wild. Her cause is nothing without support from people like you, so please speak out for her!

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Macy’s is apparently falling behind the times and endorsing SeaWorld through a sea-themed float in this Thanksgiving Day Parade. This decision is outraging people worldwide because the truth and suffering behind keeping cetaceans in captivity has recently been brought to public attention due to numerous documentaries and books such as  “The Cove”, “Blackfish”, and “Death at SeaWorld”. Please take a few minutes to sign the petition against the float and contact Macy’s via their Facebook page and Corporate headquarters. Most of all, share this information with friends and family. If we all join together we can urge Macy’s to stop promoting exploitation and domination to the millions of children and families who watch the parade each year. Also, consider donating to OPS so they can send a copy of “The Cove” to everyone at Macy’s corporate headquarters.  You can also read an article on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Charade here.



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