There will be a PETA-hosted protest outside the Miami Seaquarium (4400 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami FL), on behalf of Lolita the orca’s retirement from 43 years in a tiny tank. The peaceful demonstration will be from noon to 1 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013. Please feel free to bring/make your own signs, but also some […]

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In loving memoriam — her name was “Cathi” by Kelly J. Conner Her name was Cathi.  That is what we humans and the trainers and staff of Miami Seaquarium called her and the name she learned to respond to.  Far different from the name she was born with.  That name was a series of clicks and […]

Filed under Dolphins, Seaquarium by  # Are Seaquarium Animals Harmed by Excessive Partying?     By Gus Garcia-Roberts Wed., Dec. 7 2011 at 9:00 AM After two dolphins died at a Swiss marine park following a “techno party” across the street, Miami Seaquarium is taking a good, reasoned look at whether hosting late-night parties is putting its animals in danger.Just kidding! But […]

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Mark Baker Productions is throwing essentially a rave right next to the SQ, and within the last week two dolphins have died at a swiss dolphinarium after a “techo party” was thrown across the street. The Local — Dolphin dies after Swiss techno party A dolphin has died at a Swiss amusement […]

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WHY: September 23rd is the day Lolita, the lonely orca, was ripped away fromher family, sold into captivity, and shipped from her home in the wild to arrive at the Miami Seaquarium on Sept 24th. It is also the last day of the International Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) Conference in Miami, hosted by the Miami […]

Protest against marine life captivity to coincide with protests across the country at marine parks and aquariums. Independence day garb and flags should be worn and carried proud, signs proclaiming Captivity Kills, Thanks but No Tanks, Were Fighting for Their Freedom, Make the USA Cetacean Captivity Free, etc. Events are being held at captive marine mammal parks across […]


for the full story please visit: -Thank you, The Orca Project for this information: It is anticipated that Federal Judge Ben Welch will be asked to to sign a “Protective Order” for the Sea World vs OSHA hearing, effectively sealing off this case forever.  This has been the typical protocol for SeaWorld in past cases regarding […]

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Time October 14 · 12:00pm — 2:00pm Location In front of the Japanese Consulate 80 SW 8th St Miami, FL Tram: 8th St. Station (Brickell loop) get off of tram and walk WEST on 8th street for a block and you will see Japanese Consulate on the left Parking: 8th St. has a strip mall […]

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Dear Friends of Lolita, Please tell USDA & APHIS to enforce the Animal Welfare Act! Beyond allowing Miami Seaquarium to house orca Lolita in an undersized, illegal tank, MSQ has no plan to protect their marine mammals when the gulf oil spill contaminates their waters in August. The USDA & APHIS are doing nothing about […]

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Taima, a 20 year old killer whale, died while giving birth Sunday, June 6, in the afternoon at Sea World Orlando, Florida. She was impregnated by Tilikum, the same orca who killed trainer Dawn Brancheau in February 2010. Taima and her calf did not survive the birth. (The calf was a stillbirth) Sea World’s “Shamu […]

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