International IMATA/IMADA Rally Against Marine Mammal Captivity Everywhere


September 23rd is the day Lolita, the lonely orca, was ripped away fromher family, sold into captivity, and shipped from her home in the wild to arrive at the Miami Seaquarium on Sept 24th. It is also the last day of the International Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) Conference in Miami, hosted by the Miami Seaquarium.

Lolita has been living in an illegal-sized tank at the Miami Seaquarium for the last 40 years at a facility that is widely considered one of the most dilapidated in the U.S. and has no AAZA Accreditation, the minimum industry standard. And yet, the Miami Seaquarium now also houses a ‘Swim-with-Dolphins’ program.

We support the 3 R’s of Responsible Captivity: Rescue, Rehab, and Release only!

We invite Miami residents, activists from everywhere, and the media to come out and support this cause.

And we are, once again, seeking CITY CAPTAINS around the world to host simultaneous events. All events will be listed at and fliers/posters will be provided electronically. JOIN US!

Portland, OR:
Sat, Sept. 24 noon-2 pm
Waterfront Park/Market Entrance
City Captain, Rae Benson

San Francisco, CA:
Sun, Sept. 18 noon- 3 pm
Union Square
City Captain, Wendy Brunot
Event page:

San Diego, CA:
Sat, Sept. 24 10 am – 2 pm
Sea World
City Captain, James Madison
Event page:

ECOTERRA Intl. and ECOP-marine
Maria Delgado
September 23rd
South Africa (for details)

Pat Rasmussen
Olympia, WA USA
Park on Water Street, across the street from Traditions Café
10 AM to 2 PM
Cell phone: 509-669-1549

Diane McNally
Victoria, BC, Canada
Intersection of Government and View Street (by Irish Times),1.292885&hl=en
September 24th, 12 – 2pm
Will provide flyers to hand out

Andrea Gauzza-Langlie
Baltimore, Maryland
Saturday, September 24th from 11AM-1PM
On the plaza in front of the Baltimore (National) Aquarium. Make and bring a poster if you like. Fliers are not allowed to be handed out. I will be painting a picture of Orcas.
(cancelled in the event of rain)
Cell number# 301-641-4606

Kyrstyn Proie (my little sister)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Saturday September 24th 12-2PM
Point State Park, meet at the fountain

Shelby Proie
Seattle, Washington
September 24th 12-2PM

Victor Steinbrueck Park (next to Pike Place Market)

Gina Gaft
Key West, Florida
Saturday September 24th 6-8pm
Mallory Square for sunset
Contact to become a City Captain in your area!

Gina Gaft
Key West, Florida
Saturday September 24th 6-8pm
Mallory Square for sunset
(Gina Gaft on Facebook for more info)

We support the 3R’s of Responsible Marine Mammal Captivity: Rescue, Rehab, and Release only!

In collaboration with Orca Network (, We strive to see Lolita retired to a sea pen in her native Pacific North West waters where she will be taken care of for the rest of her life unless she chooses to rejoin her pod still residing in her natal waters.

In collaboration with Earthrace Conservation and The Selkie Society, we also seek to have IMATA amend their own ‘Code of Ethics’ to include transparency as to the source of the animals their members work with. Please sign the petition to be delivered to IMATA’s President:

Printed fliers, banners, T-shirts, costumes, musical instruments, friends, family and a positive attitude.

Please do not park in the Miami Seaquarium parking lot (or the parking lot of any facility that holds marine mammals captive for entertainment); there is usually parking within walking distance of the protest.